Acting Technique For Children

The Acting Center gave me a fun environment to learn acting technique. It also created relationships that will hopefully last for the rest of my life.

Jamie C.L.
Fitness and Health Promotions - Fanshawe College

3 Payments

3 payments in total
8 to 12

$373.34 + hst

1 Payment

8 to 12

$1,120 + hst

Acting Technique for Children is a fun weekly class which provides a creative environment where young actors can safely explore character development and scene study. Actors will train in a variety of acting techniques which will be applied to live performance and on-camera studies. Voice, movement, dialects, mask and storyboarding are utilized throughout the year and the actors have fun collaborating on their presentations.

Actors will have a wonderful time while they work on the technical aspect of performing as they form the crew, select props, stage scenes and grow in confidence! Guest directors and actors visit the students often and the classes are kept to a small number to ensure that each actor has a chance to shine!

All of the Acting Technique classes are led by Artistic Directors Zoe Heath and Jake Simons.